Why I Should Write

Reasons why I should really write.

I feel like my soul would starve if I neglect it.

  1. Writing for me is connecting to my higher self. I feel like Im idiot when Im not writing and I know that if I had been writing I would have been wiser when put in a situation. I tap into that higher version of me which is full of wisdom and eloquent. I think clearer and speak better. I am my better self when I write.

Writing slows me down. 

  1. I am made aware of my thoughts when I write. I cannot believe how my thoughts are so much faster than my typing skills. It would take 20-30 minutes to catch up with my thoughts. But when I stick to it I slow down. Sometimes you cannot blubber and cannot speak clearly because your thinking is so much faster than your mouth and it is hard for your mouth to catch up that is why you  it is hard to connect and express your thoughts more clearly. When I write I slow down and I give room for my body to catch up with my thoughts.

Writing is the best way to get to know oneself.

  1. You will be amazed to discover how much you don’t know yourself when you write. I didn’t know I had it in me to be bold and courageous till I write my dreams down. I also didn’t know that I had fear of successful people till I wrote down my limiting beliefs. And that I was in total disbelief when I discovered that I had fear of imagined mistakes in the future. I didn’t know I was imagining mistakes that I would create in the future till I started questioning myself and writing down the answer. Or that I didn’t know the vastness of my  longing bordering to despair of doing something worthwhile and great with my life. Only when I started writing was I able to get to be acquainted with myself.

Writing heals.

  1. When you write you get to be honest with yourself. You get to see situations you have not seen or considered before. This is how I feel, this is how I was hurt, and this is why it is hard to forgive. Perhaps being true to oneself is an act of grace, When that happens a shift of perspective begins to heal wounds in your mind and heart.


So that’s what writing does to me and that is why I really should write when I get lazy. Why do you write?